Links for Teachers and Students

There are so many websites out there with free resources for teachers and students.  I have decided to try to compile a list of some of them.  If you run across any that I don't have listed please let me know.  I'm just beginning to put them together.  I know I am missing loads of them.  I will try to add a couple each day.

Luminosity - Brain Games - for all
Brain Boosters - From Discovery Education - a little bit of everything - links for administrators, teachers, parents, and students
School Time Games - for all ages - has games for several subjects
Fun 4 the Brain - Mainly K-6 - has new middle school area - math, reading, English, science
Arcademic Skill Builders - looks like mainly elementary school - majority is math, but has geography, and language arts, too
Hooda Math - games for students to play online - The following is what it says for teachers:  Hooda Math can be used in a number of ways. Our online math games can be used for computer lab activities with/without our free math worksheets. Our math games can also be used with your interactive whiteboards, check out our SMARTboard Games page. Middle and Highschool students can do Math Movie projects with and submit them to us for publication. A classroom teacher favorite is our free online math tool, Math Timed Tests that emails individual reports back to teachers and students.
Sheppard Software - states: Hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more for kids and everyone to use online. - has geography, math, health, science, language arts, animals, preschool, brain

Science Bob - includes experiments, experiments blog, videos, research, science fair projects, and more

Game Goo - teaches early reading and language skills through games children will love, includes educational standards and info for teachers

Wacky Web Tales - reinforces parts of speech in a fun way, it is like Mad Libs

Comic Creator - students can make their own comic strip/story - here is another one where students can make their own comic strip

Dance Mat Typing - learn to type the correct way

Free Typing Games - loads of free arcade like typing games

Just for Teachers

Free Study Abroad Posters - Teachers can order study abroad posters that show that study abroad can be for everyone, including those with disabilities 

Microscopic World Poster - Teachers can order a free Microscopic World Poster that shows what you can see in a microscope.

The Teacher's Corner - printables, lesson plans, writing prompts, bulletin board patterns, and much more

Creative Writing Prompts - just writing prompts

Can Teach - elementary resources, lesson plans, links, resources, etc.

Teaching History - get a free poster - for elementary, middle school, and high school - includes lesson plans, links, teaching guides, state standards and more

Petco - Free Small Animal Pet Care Classroom Kit

Deep Earth Academy - free posters, pencils, lesson plans, & more, great resource for science teachers, all grades

Bio (Biography) Classroom - free Idea Book for Educators, videos, study guides, and more

Hunkin's Experiments - fun experiments shown in cartoons, kids will love these experiments