Here are a few links for coupons.  These can make a big difference in your grocery bills.  Check them to see if there are some for your favorite brands.  If you want to save money, do not use them to buy things you wouldn't normally buy.  That is, unless you are going to get a one time treat because you can get something very, very cheap.  Limit yourself to one or two of these treats.  If you don't, your bill will end up more than usual because you are getting a "good deal".  It isn't a "good deal" if it is something you won't use or wouldn't normally buy.  The object is to spend less money or to get more for your money.

When you go shopping, make sure you calculate the price with the coupon compared to the cheaper brands.  Most of the store brands or cheaper brands are about the same quality.  In fact, some of the store brands are made by the more expensive brands.  I know bread in most of the stores in my area are made by the more expensive brand.  So, why are you paying more?

Taste test some of them, if you need to prove it to your family (or yourself).  I did a blind taste test one time with cereal.  My children picked the cheaper brand each time.  So, I only buy the cheaper cereal now unless I can find the other brands for less.  It may cost a little more to taste test products but it will end up cheaper in the long run, hopefully.  Just taste test a couple at a time.  Be honest.  If you don't feel that you can be, have someone do a blind taste test on you.

Here are some of the links for coupons and how to coupon.  As you can see there are several sites (and I am probably forgetting some at this point).  Check them out.  I even added a few pictures.  :o)  Happy couponing.

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