Friday, December 11, 2015

Free-L'Oreal Samples & Hair Color

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Do you know about the L'Oreal Gold Rewards?  Well, for every 5 codes you enter for hair color, you can get a free box of hair color.  In addition, you might still be able to get some free samples.  This is while supplies last. 

You can only enter 2 codes a month.  Here are some of the codes you can use:

Feria #36 HE192
Feria #56 12G600
Feria #67 12G400
Superior Preference #4R Dark Auburn 12G401
Preference shade 5 12F900
Preference shade 5A 12G800
Preference shade 6 12H104
Healthy Look Creme Gloss 12CN01
Sublime Mousse Pure Light Blond Color 90 30GD00

Image Credit:  L'Oreal

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